Company History


Mohamed El-Mansi, who is considered a pioneer in the field of importing, was born in 1944. He began importing from Europe in 1965, and a few years later, his business developed. He established “Al-Mansi for Industrial Tools” in 1976, then he became an agent for the largest international brands for more than 50 years, and a partner in all the giant projects that took place in Egypt during that period. Egypt lost a major contributor in supporting and developing the industrial renaissance in 2020, when Al-Mansi died at the age of 76.


We are working to create a permanent and continuous industrial renaissance through importing goods. We import European, Korean, American, and Japanese equipment of international quality, and we are interested in providing free maintenance services for all our equipment. Our company aims to stop importing unknown equipment in order to preserve the integrity of the Egyptian market. In order to help the renaissance of the industry, we conduct intensive training courses to raise the efficiency of the user in terms of dealing with everything that is new in the market that is constantly developing.