Magtron, Our innovative supplier, constantly shows high performance in manufacturing and that is what makes it the world choice for magnetic drilling machines and cutting tools. They offer a full range of drilling systems, and each machine offers the highest possible magnetic adhesion. MAGTRON units use state-of-the-art design and proven technology for faster and more efficient cutting or drilling than ever before, and every unit is quality-tested.

Unibor is the flagship American brand of Sheffield, England based manufacturer OSL Cutting Technologies. With an average of 25 years’ experience, their goal is to provide the best products & results for their customers. With a focus on quality and safety, all their products are rigorously tested ready to be put to the test in the market. They serve the global market with high quality, durable and reliable products.
MATADOR is one of the pioneers of the German tool industry. They have been producing quality hand tools since 1900. Their core competencies are spanners, sockets, torque and pneumatic tools as well as modular systems. MATADOR is an accredited initial supplier to leading automotive groups, including Audi, Bosch, Ford, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Volvo and many others.
BOEHM & Co, founded in 1920 by ANTOINE BOEHM, originally was a family company specialised in mechanics and bar turning. The Boehm Company developed and became specialists in the production of circular hollow punches. BOEHM has produced these tools for more than 80 years with a constant emphasis on quality, and they export to more than 30 countries around the world and work with the most leading hand tool brands.
KUKKO sells its products in over 100 countries worldwide. Today, KUKKO is no longer just a manufacturer of pullers, but rather a solution developer which uses its expertise and creative vision to ensure that its customers and partners can keep everything running smoothly. They continue to expand around the globe as the demand for premium tools is increasing all over the world.

Seloron is able to operate in various field areas like: electricity, tools, railway, and mechanical engineering, etc. They are also specialised in the manufacturing of machine parts, in small and medium production, in all kinds of materials. Their products are aimed for professionals as well as DIY lovers.

Reed manufacturing has a 125-year experience of supplying industry with the highest quality of pipe tools and vises for professional trades. Reed is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry to distributors and tool-users, and they also sell major machinery tools in 90 countries around the world.


With the financial backing of The Gladstone Companies, Mathey Dearman is dedicated to providing their customers the finest solutions for fitting pipes; as they hold the world’s foremost authority in it. Their main values are: respecting the customer, preserving their integrity, and maintaining a continuous improvement. Their products include measuring and layout tools, gauges and inspection devices.
The Greenlee Brother’s company have always dedicated themselves for oil drilling and the production of wood barrels. Today, Greenlee is a recognized leading manufacturer of high-quality tools for the professional trades. They are also dedicated to innovating and developing the next generation of solutions improving safety. Their catalogue offers a comprehensive product line for electrical trades from power distribution to residential electrical tools as well as the HVAC and Plumbing trades